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Come meet new people, make new friends, new business partners, look for that special someone or practice new languages. Are you new in town? Feel like connecting with people? Come join the fun. We have a simple ice-breaking Speed Friending system so that we can easily get to know each other. This is a pressure-free environment to meet new people and easily establish long-lasting friendship while having fun!

How the Speed-friending event works

You'll receive the exact location on your email or mobile number, the day before the event. At the event location, you'll have 10 minutes to meet up with each Speedfriender and see if it's someone you'd enjoy spending more time with. You'll be granted access to our chat system so you can keep up with everyone during and after the event.

What's Next

You'll remain a very dear member of our group and we'll keep you in touch with further events. You'll be able to use our Fortunefy chat system to talk with other speedfrienders. You'll be able to arrange new meetings, develop long-lasting friendships, find new business partners, deals, ideas and have fun with interesting people. Cheers to the start of many beautiful friendships. We're looking forward to meeting you all.

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What's included

Free ice-breaking wine drinks

Our events include free ice-breaking wine drinks.

The proven speed-friending method we use

Our proven fast friending method allows people to make long-lasting friendships, find that special someone and know each other fast!

Find new business partners

You can talk face to face with new business or professional partners.

Language exchange, contact with new cultures and with people from other countries

Practice other languages and talk with people from other countries and experience their culture first hand!

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How to Attend Our Events

To participate in one of our events you just need to pay and show up at the event with the receipt on your phone.


You can buy your ticket at the venue for 5€ per person. If you buy the ticket in advance on our website, the price is 4,5€ per person but you get to go two times (we have one event every friday at 21:30). The extra ticket is only valid for one month. To reserve you spot, click the "Buy Now" button bellow. Paypal and credit card accepted.


Who can attend our events?

Everyone. Our events have the most interesting people ever. Our attendees want to make new friends, find business partners, find that special someone or just have fun. We come from all over the world, some of us tourists, city newcomers, entrepreneurs and professionals from all industries.

When are the events?

To check our next events see our meetup.com page.

Where will the next speed-friending events take place?

To check our next events see our meetup.com page. We have events taking place in Lisbon, Porto and Berlin. The exact location is sent to you by email and to your mobile number the day before the event.

Can I take a friend with me to the event?

Yes, friends are welcomed too. You can sign up to two friends for free.

I've already paid but can't attend. Will I get my money back?

Yes, we'll refund tickets that haven't been used. Use the contact form to get your refund. By the way, you can keep your ticket as long as you want, because it will give you access to any of our future events.

You may also sign up to our website, Just fill in your name, email address and phone number in the form below.

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Become a Fortunefy host

Wanting to host spedfriending events in your town? We're looking for partners to host speedfriending meetings in cities all over the world. You can have fun and make money too. Just use the contact form above and tell us about you and we'll take it from there.


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